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          所有的家长和护理人员都热情地邀请我们的安全和健康。参加当晚被关押在马车海耶斯大厅周二11月19日。在下午5时45 ESTA活动开始和结束的晚上7:30。

          请点击此处查看该计划。 [PDF]


          We are delighted to be joined by external speakers. We will also be making use of our own Pastoral 员工 and Student Leaders. Our E-Safety Gurus have been trained by Avon & Somerset Police with regards to online safety, and our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have been trained by the DIANA Award with regards to pre-empting and counteracting bullying.

          你能请发送电子邮件出席起诉夫人的确认在长 s.long@hayesfeld.com 在您尽早。


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